UTHSC Lab Members

Heejoon Jo


Heejoon Jo, Computational Biologist, PhD

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Hyo Young Choi

Hyo Young Choi, Computational Biologist, PhD

Hyo Young is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital since 2018. She received a Ph.D in 2018 Summer in Statistics from UNC Chapel Hill under guidance of Steve Marron and Neil Hayes. She is interested in the development of statistical models better describing real biological variation, that can be widely applied to cancer research and beyond, as well as new methods to reveal novel scientific findings. Specifically, She develops statistical and computational tools for high-throughput sequencing data to find unknown genetic aberrations that are associated with cancer. She is also interested in applying techniques from machine learning and high-dimensional data analysis to modern genomic data types.




Jeremiah Holt, MD student

Jeremiah is a current second year medical student at UTHSC. He graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology and a minor in Computer Science from the University of Tennessee Knoxville in 2017. His current research focuses are in the clinical and functional applications of bioinformatics and genomics in cancer.





Xiaobei Zhao


Xiaobei Zhao, Computational Biologist, PhD

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UTHSC Staff Members


Janine Twitchell, Sr. Administrative Assistant

Janine is a new comer to the Memphis area, she recently moved from Oklahoma and we are delighted to have her as part of the Hayes Lab Team. She brings over 19 years administrative experience to the team. This is a highly productive team and in addition to her professional contributions she is an approachable individual with a pleasant attitude and her willingness to create a positive environment keeps everyone smiling. During her “spare-time” she enjoys anything outdoors, i.e., running, hiking, cycling, kayaking and tinkers with photography. She maintains an active lifestyle and finds delight encouraging others to find their way into the great outdoors.


Elisa Jolls, EDD, Assistant Director

Elisa joined the group in October 2018. She brings a background in regulatory compliance (IACUC, IRB, Research Conflict of Interest), healthcare corporate compliance, research compliance and Privacy in a healthcare setting.



Mitch Barham, Operations Manager

Mitch joined the Hayes’ team in October 2018. He has over 25 years of experience in business, accounting and finance management, which span across manufacturing, service, non-profit and higher education.





Matthew Stein, Fellow

Dr. Stein was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. He majored in cell and molecular biology as an undergraduate at Vanderbilt University before moving to Memphis for medical school, residency and heme/onc fellowship at UTHSC/West Cancer Center. He enjoys spending quality time with his lovely wife and young son. His clinical and research interests include identification of novel genomic biomarkers in solid tumors with an emphasis on thoracic cancers.



Helene Tournu, PhD, Research Associate

Helene joined the Hayes’ team in October 2018. She brings a background in biotechnology and microbiology.

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Michele Hayward

Michele Hayward, RD

Michele came to UNC in 2007 and is a results-focused translational science researcher. As a long-term colleague of Dr. Hayes, she supports ongoing collaborations between UNC and UTHSC. At UNC, she provides executive oversight of the Office of Genomics Research, building productive teams that are committed to fighting the devastation that a cancer diagnosis brings. She keeps busy in her spare time as a proud mom of two and is active in her church choir. When there is down time, you can find her with a good book or an action-packed forensic drama and a cup of tea. She feels very blessed to be surrounded by brilliant minds and challenging science.

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Xiaoying Yin


Xiaoying Yin, MD

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Ashley Salazar


Ashley Salazar, BA

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Paul Little

Paul Little, PhD student
Paul is from Fayetteville, NC. He came to UNC in 2007 as an undergraduate after graduating from NCSSM in Durham, NC. During his undergraduate years, he majored in Mathematics and Asian Studies, minored in Physics, and started learning tennis for fun. After graduating, he worked for a few months at WebAssign as a programmer.  After almost a year, he came back to UNC for a masters in biostatistics. After the first year classes and exposure to research computing and genetics through part-time research opportunities, he applied to transfer into the PhD program. In the midst of his second year in the PhD, Paul joined the Hayes lab.  His research interests include human genetics and cancer genomics. His aim is to develop analytical methods for studying DNA germline and somatic variants and their associations with clinical outcomes.

Matthew Cousins


Matthew Cousins, MD, PhD student

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Woochang Lee, MD, PhD

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Matthew Revilla, BA

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Patrick Kimes, PhD

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Chris Cabanski, PhD

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Wisut Lamlertthon, MD

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Sang-Won Um, MD, MPH, PhD

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Ping-jie Xiao, PhD

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Thomas Stewart, MS, PhD student

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Ni Zhao, MD, MS

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Vonn Walter, PhD

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Ying Du, PhD

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Guosheng Zhang, PhD student

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Matthew D. Wilkerson, PhD

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Marni Siegel, MD/PhD student

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Matthew Soloway, BS

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Mei Kim Ang, MD

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Mihir Patel, MD

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Amy Lucas, MD

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Juneko Grilley-Olson, MD

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Shaowu Meng, PhD

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Usman Shah, MD

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Yuan Qi, PhD

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Carrie Lee, MD

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Steve Lee, MD

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Alden Parsons, MD

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