Clinical Trials

Clinical Trails

We endeavor to offer a full spectrum of clinical trials to our patients, with treatment options available at every stage and disease presentation.

Currently there no open clinical trials at UTHSC.

Additional trial information may be found at clinical

Our group specifically targets the following tumor types:
1.  Non-small cell lung cancer including: Adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and other variants
2.  Small cell lung cancer
3.  Squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck
4.  Adenocarcinoma of the head and neck
5.  Adenoid-cystic carcinoma
6.  Thyroid carcinomas that are no longer amenable to surgery, radiation, or radioactive iodine

We specifically target the following disease presentations:
1.  Early stage cancers in cases where chemotherapy may increase the chance of cure (adjuvant therapy)
2.  Intermediate stage tumors for which surgery is felt not to be appropriate but for which radiation/chemotherapy may be curative
3.  Advanced cancers which may not be curable, but for which treatment is required.
4. Our goal is to offer multiple therapies such that even patients who have failed initial treatment still have therapeutic options.
5. Patients who have exhausted all convention therapies

Special populations and studies:
1.  We have special interests in specific patient populations such as the elderly and those with significant medical problems.
2.  We participate in tumor registries to increase knowledge about the natural history of our cancer patients.
3.  In recognition of the importance of tumor tissue in determining the causes and treatments of cancer, we emphasize tissue donation for all patients.